4 Mindful Ways to Adapt to "New Normal"

Since the Covid-19 pandemic upended life across the globe, ravaging economies and bringing entire health care systems to their knees, everyone is being forced to compromise. 

Before the pandemic one by one cities, municipalities, and even countries have been planning their solution for plastic waste, plastic bans are starting to be implemented and governments are realizing the problem with plastic. But with hygiene fears, we are forced to not only stop these efforts but rely on plastic to keep us safe.

In the few days and weeks when lockdowns started being implemented we all took notice of how the earth was starting to breathe again. With plenty of industrial factories not operational, cars and people not out and about we were seeing clearer skies and bodies of water being less polluted.

black iPhone 7 beside clear disposable cup filled with beverage with ice cubes

As we start to slowly ease the restrictions we had in place as some of us start opening businesses and going back to work, we transition to a “New Normal” way of living to avoid further spread of the virus and protect ourselves from getting sick. We are also being forced to rely on disposables. But is there a way for us to lessen the waste we are piling up? To not only flatten the curve of the infected but also flatten the mountain of garbage that we accumulate? 

Yes, I believe we could. As individuals, it is still our duty to lessen on things we have power over. Here are some ideas:


For example, instead of using a disposable face mask why don’t we use a cloth one that we can wash and reuse.

2-Layer Washable Face Mask

2-Layer Washable Face Mask, thegoodtrade.ph



If you need your caffeine fix but Starbucks and other coffee shops are not accepting your cup then why not make one at home or the office?


You still don’t need to buy bottled water, bringing your own bottle and refilling is still the easiest way to flatten the garbage pile.

Drink 'n Stash 580ml/ Venti Collaspible Bottle



And If restaurants don’t offer silverware anymore you can bring your own. Using your own cutlery that you know yourself is clean and who has touched is the safest way to go when eating out.

Pocketly: foldable spoon + fork with detachable chopsticks

And just a reminder here at the Daydream Republic we have our mindful essentials. These are must-haves to stay mindful while we navigate through this New Normal.


There are plenty of things we can avoid and contribute to flattening the curve. Comment down below your ideas.



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