5 Clean Beauty and Personal Care Shifts You Can Make in Plastic Free July

By: Kris Bacani

I’ve been slowly shifting to a more natural and plastic-free lifestyle ever since being aware of the harmful effects of the toxic ingredients we use and the ridiculous amounts of trash we produce. It’s far from a completely organic and zero-waste life, but hey, it’s a start. Here are some of the shifts I’ve sustained over the past few years:


  1. DIY Facial Wash

I’m pretty picky with facial washes because of my dry skin. When I learned how to make a moisturizing one myself using natural ingredients and less plastic, there’s no turning back. Dilute one part castile soap (I bought the big Dr. Bronner’s bottle) with 3 parts water, and add your preferred essential oils, such as lavender, argan, or tea tree. Bonus: you can also use diluted castile soap as body wash, dishwashing liquid, and all-around household cleaner, so a single bottle goes a long way.


  1. Menstrual Cup

If there’s one plastic-free habit that I wish I started sooner, it’s using a menstrual cup instead of using sanitary napkins. Just think about how the sheer amount of napkins you’ll be using in a lifetime can be replaced by a teeny tiny silicone cup! I know it could be intimidating at first, so give yourself about three cycles to get the hang of it. You might experience some leaks when the cup is not put in right, but trust me, you WILL get used to putting in one with a bit of practice. I recommend the Sinaya Cup.

Sinaya Lite Bundle


  1. Shampoo Bars

It took me a while to embrace shampoo bars, mainly because the first few ones I tried made my thick, thick hair stiff and matted. I didn’t want to complicate my hair care routine by doing the (I assume, smelly) vinegar rinses that was recommended after using these bars. I finally became hooked when I was able to try the sulfate-free Daydream Republic shampoo bar that lathered as much as a liquid one, and was able to miraculously tame my hair even without using conditioner after. Shifting to a shampoo bar also means one less liquid to accidentally spill in my toiletries kit while traveling. It’s a win all around.

Daydream Republic's Gugo Shampoo

and Shea Butter Conditioner Bars


  1. Safety Razor

I admit, I was one of those people who never really bought razors. I just get the free plastic ones that come with occasional hotel stays, and mindlessly throw them out once they get dull. When I shifted to using a Daydream Republic metal safety razor, it felt satisfying that it did the same job as a plastic one, and yet I was only disposing off a sliver of a metal blade every so often.

Daydream Republic's Safety Razor

Watch: Demo + Tips How To Use A Safety Razor


  1. Your Own Hands

Sometimes, a non-disposable alternative is free: YOUR HANDS! I used to remove makeup with a makeup remover on a cotton pad, and realized I can do the same by just applying the makeup remover straight to my face and spreading it with my hands. Just wash everything off completely with a facial wash right after. I also apply toner directly to my face with a spray bottle, and use my hands to pat and spread it gently all over my face. It’s been a long time since I bought a pack of disposable cotton pads, and never even thought of buying reusable cotton pads because, what for?


Let us know in the comments what other clean beauty and personal care shifts you've mindfully done!



KRIS BACANI is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila. She's also a certified yoga teacher and almost always busy daydreaming where to wander off next. See more of her work and beauty tips on krisbacani.com  




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