5 Homeschooling Tools For Parents

It’s been months since COVID 19 pandemic affected our lives. As kids’ education continues at home, here are some tools parents can use to make learning easy and fun for your kids.


1. HomeSchool Panda

Everything you need to homeschool in one place. Homeschool Panda's all-in-one tool suite provides functionality & support to simplify your homeschool experience.

  • A flexible planner that adapts to the unique schedule of homeschooling families
  • Maintain records and data digitally to reduce clutter
  • Easily create a lesson plan in a few simple clicks


2. Daydream Republic's World Map- Kids (10% OFF 'til Aug 31)

Make learning geography interactive and fun by exploring our Pin my travels kids world map with your kids. Let's get kids excited to learn in their most interesting classroom, the world! This Pin My Travels features animals, landmarks and other cultural representations that will make learning fun and easier for kids. This will be an ideal addition to your homeschool essentials.

Available in 3 formats:

Shop: World Map Puzzle


Shop: Canvas Map Poster


Shop: Pin My Travels (Framed pinboard map)


3. Daydream Republic's PH Maps (10% OFF until Aug 31)

Of course, every classroom should have a PH Map too! Filipino parents and teachers can instill love for country at a young age through visual inspirations. You can introduce famous landmarks, tourist spots and Filipino cultural representations with PH Map- Playful

Or you can educate them about the Philippine's marine biodiversity with PH Seas


4. G-Suite Education

Use google have tons of online apps you can use not only for work but for homeschooling too like the google classroom and Google assignments

G-Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps For Education)

4. Habitica 

    For parents whose kids are especially gaming-oriented, Habitica may be the perfect app.

    Habitica is a free habit and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. Habitica can help you achieve goals to become healthy and happy.

    Habitica, a way to stimulate our Anki quest! : medicalschoolanki


    BONUS! We have 4 FREE downloadable coloring sheets for your Little Daydreamers! Click the photo to grab them!


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    Step 1 to Winning your boyfriend Back

    Learning how to get back an man can be a long, Tricky practice. It certainly won’t happen instantly, And it takes very careful planning to fix your breakup. In the 8 step process to getting the man you’re seeing back, Step 1 involves accepting just how your relationship is over. Ask any man there are few things worse than breaking up with a girl and having her refuse to accept it. As tough as it is to lose the man you’re dating, it might be pretty awkward to be the one who is doing the dumping. If you can win your man back, You’ll need reach his shoes and start thinking like him. Right after he ends your attachment, Things can get very awkward for him. It will feel crazy to see you, Yet he’ll also feel below par for hurting you too. The easiest thing for him to do is avoid you in this article, which describes why he might seem cold or distant. try not to take this personally. It’s not that your ex doesn’t care about your heartaches. russian brides Although he did end your love affair, It’s easy for him to just completely let go. companies provided include ending all contact, by phone, write, sms, Or whatsoever be. genuinely is painful, Especially when a very long term relationship comes to an end. The two of you have been seeing each other practically every day for evere,forever, And then shortly after that: there is nothing but silence. it is far from natural, But it’s the way it has to be. Silence is a very critical step in moving you forward, when you need to follow the path to getting back with your ex. Many women just can’t accept the fact that they are dumped. Perhaps they have been on short breaks before, And then gotten back together. These girls may hope this is one. Other women trust (mistakenly!) that they remain friends with their ex, And most of them hang around in hopes that they one day be wanted back. None of these solutions will work. If the man you’re seeing dumped you, You simply cannot keep clinging to every thing has become. Don’t wallow in it crying and hopeless, Sitting next to the phone, needing your exboyfriend to call (Or more upsetting, interested in an excuse to contact him). Being hopeless is a really big turnoff to man, And you’re going to destroy any chance you have of fixing the relationship with your boyfriend. Even if your ex told you those dreaded four words: "Let’s be friends, it’s not possible to cling to that lame ray of hope. It certainly doesn’t give you license to loaf around, phone him, Or try to be a part of his life. If desire to one day date your ex again, This type of arrangement will simply make you jealous and angry. As the actual thing his life go on without you, You’ll feel pretty unhealthy. not only that, you are invited to see him dating other girls. This will create stress way beyond anything you’d experience without him. understand this: it’s hard to just be friends with your ex. Not when one of you still loves the other. Be being honest with yourself and letting the relationship go, You’re taking the steps toward making him want you back. Moving on with something new in your life will go a long way toward making your situation a lot more pleasing to your ex. vacation, get your hands on an old hobby. whatever you decide and do, Let it occupy your labour. just what you think of your ex, Try to get him outside the head. And regardless of what, Don’t speak to your ex in any hot russian girls way. No appeals, e-mail messages, text messages stay completely out of touch. If he’s the sole who ended it, allow it to be over. Know in your heart that your spousal relationship is finished. Once he sees you accepted your breakup, Only then will he consider seeing you again on each and every romantic terms.

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    Company using restoring broken headstones at Keltys Cemetery

    Ernest and I were led to Keltys Cemetery yesterday morning. Bonner, delivered March 8, 1851, And died 1870. few of the monuments were 12 feet tall, And Mark and his crew of Bobby Walden and Allen Mills have been working several days to restore the headstones which have been vandalized.

    Some records say that we have 300 people buried at the Keltys Cemetery, But not that numerous are marked. Robert Shankle and your neighborhood Leadership Council of North Lufkin have the neighboring land and have OK’d land to be used as a walking trail from Sellers and Brock streets into the cemetery that is landlocked. Shankle demonstrated to Dr. rich Hackney, Who is the chairman of the Cherokee County beautiful Commission in Rusk, all around the cemetery.

    Lufkin Fence Company owner Ernesto Pantoja and his brother Rosendo Pantoja have equipped a gate on Sellers Street to start the walking trail into the cemetery. most certainly near Mt. Calvary Baptist local hall, And there is parking for individuals want to walk in to see what has been done. it is far from complete, So wait and I will show you when the trail is ready. They have found that the families are buried together in the cemetery, in particular Bonner, Beavers, Campbell, Clark, Cobb, put together a meal, Copeland, Davis, Denton, Edwards, Goodwin, property, Holt, Lanter, Lewing, Mantooth, Peavy, Powell, almond, Rowin, johnson, Vinson, jogger, Wilson, Zimmerman, Adams, Collins, Taylor and hardwoods. Our ancestor and my great great grandmother Annie Elizabeth Hughey Atkinson and her 18 year old granddaughter Claudie Ethel Atkinson are buried there.

    One personal thing is the wanton damage to the headstones. There was a brick beside content creation granite markers that was left when they must have gotten tired of beating the headstone. It is so evil that smokers would vandalize cemeteries. I pray anytime the cemetery is restored, People are not going to try to vandalize it again. The cemetery was held by Angelina County Lumber Company before it sold in 1965.

    this wasn’t brag on granddaughters again. Hannah Herde, 25, Was given the Renate W. Chasman scholarships, Which encourages female re entry students to pursue careers in controlled research in the natural sciences, Engineering or mathematics for residents of Long Island. using physics. She will return to CERN in switzerland in October.

    granddaughter Isabelle Herde, 21, And her dad Michael Herde hiked for eight days on the Appalachian Trail through ma. eventually they hiked 20 miles. Pictures were astonishing. Then she gone to Fairfax, va, And her uncle Charlie Jumper took her out in the boat and she even learned to water ski. She is on her way to Running comes, washington dc, Where she will be a teacher at the Pali Institute: Outdoor instructional for fourth to 12th grades in the San Bernardino National Forest near Lake Arrowhead. She was unapproved by the Peace Corps, And her Nannie was so happy that the Lord led her method. Prayers have been answered.

    Bobbi and Ronnie Robinson had a wonderful visit with Linda and Hugh Anderson in Georgetown, co. weather was fabulous. They took a one day trip to Gunnison but did can’t you create much luck fishing. Their favorite time was driving the jeep up backwoods.

    Bobbi will be training a five week, 21st century bridge class at Angelina advanced schooling. curriculums begin Sept. 12 and will be held for two hours Tuesday Thursday. Seniors 65 and older pay only $25. Sign up at the city Services Building.

    Jim and Amy Bell are proud to deliver that their son, mike Bell, Who came to be in Lufkin, And who has been with establishment Rent a Car in Houston for 10 years, Has been promoted to the career of Fleet Repair Manager for the northern district of Harris County, the different parts of Montgomery County and even Polk County. It is his job to see that Enterprise vehicles are kept, Repaired and kept ready for the street.

    Jim and Amy also report that the they are building in Crown Colony is about half complete. their property is going up on Mission Hills Drive on the lot directly behind their daughter Emily Havard’s house on Champions, they hope to move in around Oct. 1. Jim predicts, Only half joshing, They will have a gate in the fence between the two backyards so Emily and her husband Jeff Havard can look after them when they reach really old age.

    Carolyn Smith bought Burke Street Antiques from Jeannie Lowery and Linda Teer in January and has changed title to Antiques on Burke Street, sticking with the same vendors and location at 122 E. Burke Ave.

    occur, Astros. Get with it so Mary Orman can sleep and can’t you create a stroke.

    i’ve been amazed by the response in money for our Little League All Star Baseball “Thundering 13” workers. f. he, Owner of Market to promote, Said thanks and insured them. Last thursday. I got a baseball signed by the c’s for $20. and additionally, We had to get tops with “Lufkin All celebrities, Undefeated, southwest Champions, 2017, Goingtowilliamsportpa” on it. The boys’ names and All Star numbers are on a back corner. my best Charlie Jumper in Fairfax, va, Wanted a shirt and has his booking to go to Williamsport to the game. I had to get his shirt in the mail until the series starts. Michael Maxey at the two promised that it would arrive on Monday.

    Charlie is as animated as we are and moldova girls sent this: Don want to state benefits; even though, This is a huge achievements. It is every 12 year old dream to make a run to Williamsport for an opportunity to play in the Little League World Series. I know when I coached son Tyler and was Fairfax countrywide (va) Little League web design manager, Those All Star dreams ended at the region level. They did win district while they were 14 (Juniors) but 18 (Big little league); But could not advance past the state contest those years. leagues. we only live four hours from Williamsport; indeed, I am driving there for the opening game on thurs night. I probably will drive back either Saturday or Sunday for their second game. I have attached the entire double removing bracket so folks can follow along each game. they all are on TV (ESPN, ESPN2, Or abc). You will likely need to establish a GameChanger account (grab the app on your phone) And do as instructed in the link above. The list could continue. using all of the support. Jimmy Horton with AAA Trophy gave the make the most of the special T shirts to the Little League boys’ team.

    Mary Lynn Neal asked Pat Brittain and me for lunch at PineCrest retiring Community. We saw so many of us we knew. fine food, because. The Brittain July 4th affair was held at the Otto J. Brittain and late Zaidee Brittain farm put by Keith and Pat Brittain from Waco, Kim and Janie Brittain due to Garland, And Jay and Diana Brittain from austin texas. Out of town kin present were Joann and Brian Pruitt from Amarillo with grandson Isaac St. andrew d from Barre, Vermont; Nancy and Oscar Beaird from originate Grove, virginia; Abban and Robert Lastovica between Fredericksburg, along with Mattie Lastovica, Recent graduate of Vanderbilt college or university; Mollie and Cannan Dreibrodt coming from New Braunfels, Kerrie and Scott moldova girls McWilliams and babes Olivia and Sadie from Magnolia; Ted and Ruth Chinn with girls Hannah and Katherine from Fate and Elaine from College sta; Allen and lindsay lohan Brittain from Flower Mound, Joe and Shelbii Brittain received from Plano, nike jordans Brittain from Austin, Lindsey Root from Houston and Lou Ann Jumper from dallas, tx. Lufkin people were Joe and Dixie Brittain, Patricia brownish, Jody and Debra brown lightly with boys Ethan and Marcus, bob and Betty Jumper, Tamesha and Paul heart and Abby Todd. exclusive guests were Fannie and Angier Peavy, And Denell Joehl with adolescent girls Elaine and Haley. Cooks for the barbecue on a newly formulated pit were Keith, kim, Jay Brittain and Jody tan, supplemented by covered dishes. their day was full of fun and games, Water go, day fishing, Four wheelers and ended with a fireworks television screen at dark. This Brittain tradition was started once by Otto and Ruth Brittain, fathers and mothers, grandfather and grandmother and great grandparents of this clan.

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