By: Gly Paranal

Today on International Women's Day, we're celebrating Mindful Filipinas leading the way! Here are the women who we think are making such an impact to their community to live more mindfully-- for their passion, the country and the planet.



On practical meaningful living


Photo from @meanliving

For anyone wanting to be more mindful about their trash and their consumption, Phoebe's IG and Youtube videos are one of the most helpful resources out there. It's super easy to navigate her feed and find the topics you want to learn about. Oh, and this gal had a challenge last year NOT to buy clothes! Check this to know how that went! 



Woman behind The Good Trade and Create Good

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Jana is a living proof that you don't need to quit your day job to pursue your passion projects! She has managed to create such a thriving community in The Good Trade fairs, and we think her events were such an instrumental part in raising awareness for zero waste living here in the country! 



A Filipina by heart

Photo from @amommabroad

This American momma is probably more pinay than most of us! Amber's posts about her family's adventures in the Philippines are always enlightening and makes us more mindful to SUPPORT LOCAL! There are a lot of things that we take for granted here in PH, and Amber helps us see the magic in our own country! Def fun to follow #perksofpinas!



Founder, Surfista Siargao

Photo from @elaineabonal

Elaine is such a breath of fresh air in the male dominated community of surfing. But more than just being a girl boss surfer, her simple and mindful living is something to strive for. Click through IG highlights, and you'll know what we mean!



Sisters behind Common Room

Photo from @romaagsunod

Common Room started as a small shop in Katipunan, but early on, it has been overflowing with dreams from all its makers. Now, Common Room is expanding in several malls, housing more than 100 local brands, and with a new business incubator in the works! The future of the creative community is looking bright, big thanks to these two. And hey, they're MAKING MORE SPACE for local makers! If you're aspiring to join the Common Room community, go their IG's link in bio and apply. Trust us, it's life-changing!


Happy International Women's Day! Keep on living your truth. Live life with intention. Be brave to show your creativity.


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