Flying by plane definitely is not the best choice to leave no trace when traveling but let’s be honest, we can’t really explore the other side of the world while traveling by land. What we can do is lessen our carbon footprint as much as possible. We compiled some mindful habits you can practice while flying:


  1. Take Non-stop Flights

Taking off and landing use so much jet fuel than during flight, it contributes as much as 25% of gas emissions to the greenhouse effect. Booking a non-stop flight will help lessen gas emissions. You can book a flight with the most direct route if you don’t have a choice but to fly with a stop.  


  1. Fly Economy

A first class flight has less passengers on board, in contrast to an all economy flight, where every space is taken up by a passenger. It means that passengers in a flight that has first class seats use more jet fuel compared to an all economy flight where there are more people. A first class’ carbon footprint is estimated to be 9x of a coach seat. You can lessen your carbon footprint by choosing to fly in an all economy flight.


  1. Go Paperless, Skip Printing Your Itinerary And Boarding Pass

If not all, almost all airlines give you an option to download your itinerary and boarding pass on your phone. Nowadays, you can just show them from your phone and not be denied an entry. It’s pretty much the same with a printed one, the only difference is you won’t have to print out your boarding pass. You can save ink, paper, and the trees.


  1. Pack Light

A heavy baggage isn’t ideal for flights because the heavier your baggage is, the more energy it takes to fly the plane. While packing, think of the things that you can really go without and just taking up the space of your luggage. Pack the important things and the ones you’ll really use. It’s efficient and will help you all throughout you trip.


  1. Take Public Transportation (Going To And From The Airport)

Instead of taking a car to and from the airport, you can opt for a bus/train ride. Taking the bus/train is the greenest way to travel by land. You might think that it’s not  ideal, but sharing a ride with more people, uses a reduced amount of fuel per person. It’s the same with the first class and economy seats. Imagine just having 2-4 passengers in a car.


  1. Bring Your Reusables

You can bring your reusable bags, water bottle, utensils, and metal straw when traveling. Having reusables with you when you travel helps you save more and save the environment. While waiting for your flight (even in your entire travel), you’ll buy a bottled water or a coffee. When you have your tumbler with you, you can refill your water or ask the barista to just pour your coffee in the tumbler. In some countries and establishments, you have to purchase their plastic bags/paper bags for the things you shop. Also, imagine having to throw every cup, plastic spoon & fork, and straw you use your entire travel. They’ll all end up in a landfill.


You can bring Sip ‘n Stash and/or Drink ‘n Stash in your future trips.





We all think that doing these things are not easy. It wouldn’t be easy at first because like any habit we’re trying to form, it takes some getting used to before they become a bit effortless. In Daydream Republic, we think that practicing these habits is not a matter of choice, but a matter of how much we really care about our environment. The goal is to not leave any footprint at all because with flying, we already contribute to that carbon footprint. The goal is to lessen our carbon footprint as much as we can, in any way that we can. Doing these things doesn’t make flying and traveling any less fun, we just feel that we can be more mindful and aware of the waste we keep on leaving -- hanging in the air and going straight to landfills. We can still have fun and avoid contributing to that.


Download Mindful Traveler's Packing List

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