8 Underrated Waters In The Philippines

By: Gly Paranal

The Philippines has been known for our beaches and its clear blue waters. With over 7, 000 islands, tourists flock all year round to bask under the Philippine sun and see the beauty of our country. There is no denying that we are rich in nature with diverse islands. This Earth month, we rounded 8 of the uncommon and uncrowded beaches in the Philippines that are worth discovering.



  1. Bolinao

 © Deverlyn Tombaga

© Deverlyn Tombaga



Bolinao is a first class municipality in the province of Pangasinan. Remnants of what the Spaniards built are still apparent, like the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, where it’s overlooking from Patar White Beach. The beautiful pristine Patar White Beach is a long stretch of narrow sand linking Bolinao with Barangay Patar. Considered home of sea urchins and giant clams, University of the Philippines Bolinao Marine Laboratory supports the conservation of giant clams and other sea life. The giant clams are coral-producing clams so seeing them up close is definitely a unique experience. Bolinao Falls 1, Bolinao Falls 2, and Tara Falls are a must-visit too as they have turquoise-coloured water and they are deep enough for cliff diving.



  1. Puraran Beach


© Sasa Bacani

Puraran Beach is located in Catanduanes. It’s a long way to get here yet surfers come here to ride “The Majestic Wave,” which was coined by Warren Bolstier in June 1988, where he wrote about it in Surfer Magazine. The waves are described as some of the fastest and most hollow right-handed barrels in the world. July-October is the surf’s up season where the rainy season has started, but the waves in Catanduanes are definitely calling. Aside from the majestic waves, the beach and the water are spotless and crystal clear. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a peaceful stay since not a lot of people come here, yet. Cottages are limited still. Yup, tranquility is real in Puraran Beach.



  1. Apo Reef

© Noel Guevara



Apo Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage coral reef system located in the western waters of Occidental Mindoro. Hailed as the second largest contiguous coral reef system in the world, and the largest in the Philippines. Imagine seeing the beautiful corals. With the high diversity of corals in Apo Reef, snorkeling would be so fascinating and fun.



  1. San Vicente

© Angelo Ramos



San Vicente can be found in the northern part of Palawan. Even though San Vicente is lesser known, it is dubbed to be the next big thing in Palawan. And it’s as beautiful as Puerto Princesa and El Nido, minus the crowd. Considered as the longest white beach in the Philippines. It’s three times longer than the white beach of Boracay with 14.7km. It will not give you an extravagant vacation but it will definitely provide you a long beach for yourself with a peaceful state of mind. Here you will find quiet and tranquility, away from the mass of tourist exploring the more popular side of Palawan. You can swim with the sea turtles, see the coral reefs – it’s beaming with rich marine biodiversity. Island hopping and snorkeling comes in a cheaper price at San Vicente. This is definitely for nature-loving travelers who are seeking to unwind in a less crowded beach.



  1. Danjugan Island

©  The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc.


A marine reserve and wildlife sanctuary found in the southwestern coast of Negros Occidental. Danjugan Island was bought and rescued by The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. from being threatened as an over-fished area. Danjugan definitely is not your average beach as it is not a resort but a conservation project. As it has been protected,  fishing is prohibited, allowing the biodiversity to flourish. Tourists are welcome to visit here but it has to be pre-arranged, as they do not accept walk-in guests. According to The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc., their vision is to provide a venue for experiential learning, collaborative research, nurturing partnerships, and enabling communities. You can enjoy the following activities here: bird walks; trekking; nature & walks; snorkeling & skin diving; massage; kayaking & glass-bottom boat; para sailing; and citizen science.



  1. Mantigue Island


© Erwin Lim



A small island in Camiguin, also known as Magsaysay Island. Mantigue Island is just 4 hectares of greenery with a border of gleaming white beach or powdery coral sand. A fishing village is located in the northern side of the island. One side of the island is a white sand beach with corals offshore, while the opposite side provides a deep drop-off for snorkeling and diving. Declared as a marine sanctuary, Mantigue’s vivid marine life makes it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.


  1. Dahican Beach

© Dave Sañez



This 7km stretch of powdery white sand and clear blue waters can be found in Mati City, the capital of Davao Oriental. Surfers, skim boarders, along with other beach lovers flock in this unspoiled paradise. Being surrounded by tall coconuts trees and the sound of waves make it so relaxing for guests to spend their time here. You might also see some sea turtles (Pawikan) nesting in action, as Dahican is a sanctuary of Pawikans. The local government and the establishments here are very keen on keeping the crescent-shaped beach clean and in order as they don’t want this to become another Boracay. Locals want to keep the low-impact tourism as much as possible to protect their island. You can enjoy the good and simple life by camping or staying in rustic cottages.



  1. Sta. Cruz Island

© Lesley Sun



Hailed as part of the 21st best beaches in the world by National Geographic in 2017, Sta. Cruz Island is known for its unique pink sand beach. What gives that pink hue are the crushed red pipe corals that are being washed by the waves offshore turns into tiny red particles that gets dissolved and blended with the white sand. It has a twin island but the other one is prohibited to the public because it was made into a military camp. Number of visitors at the beach are limited and they must go to the tourism office first. Before boarding the boat to visit the island, guests are oriented on how to protect the island while enjoying its beach and natural beauty. While on the island, guests can enjoy low-impact eco-tourism and cultural activities led by the local community.


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The Philippines is such a big paradise and seeing all these beautiful places makes us want to protect our country more. Let’s take care of this treasure we call home and travel mindfully. We can still enjoy going to the beach and keeping them clean after, right? Being mindful of where our waste goes, goes a long way.

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