Ways to keep your wanderlust alive at home

We are not able to travel for months now and if you're like me you are itchin' to travel. But with the uncertainty, restrictions and unavailability of air travel. Here's how we are wanderlusting at Daydream Republic.

1. Watch travel shows and vlogs

There are tons of content in the internet to watch and experience the travel destinations we are planning to go to. This way you can now compile the go to places and the not to dos

2. Remember your past travels

It is the perfect time to reflect and reminisce your past adventures. Pin your travels

(Pin My Travels can be personalized and available in 2x3ft size)

and journal your learnings from each places you've been to. How did it change your life and what memories you cherish the most?

Bucket List Notebook - Morroco

3. Decorate your home with photos and objects from your trips

Are your souvenirs stored and not seeing the light? It's time to clean up and decorate. Let them shine and remind you daily of your good memories. Decorate your space with something that will inspire you to work hard for your future travels.

Pin My Travels PH Seas, available for personalization

4. Start planning your next adventure

I'm already planning, are you? I'm creating my bucket list, doing my research, my bags are packed and ready.

What will be your first destination?

(Pin My Travels can be personalized and available in 2x3ft size)

5. Cook dishes from around the world

Yes, cooking *ehem... eating is our quarantine hobby too. Our go to is tropical inspired smoothie bowls. What recipes have you tried?

Check our sister brand Feel Good Grocer for smoothie bowl ingredients!


6. Read blogs and books

We have traveled miles and miles into different countries, places, I have even visited wizarding worlds and different dimensions. Oh... what an adventure reading can take you.


7. Learn a new language

If you are now preparing for your future international travel, take this time to learn new languages and travel like a local on your destination.

Try the Duolingo App


There are plenty of ways to keep your traveler spirit alive. Let us know how are you keeping your wanderlust alive at home?


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