Christmas Bulk Orders

Christmas Bulk Orders

September 29, 2018

This holiday, let's give presents rooted on purpose and meaning. We invite you to Celebrate Consciously-- bulk style. Please read the instructions below how we will be facilitating your bulk orders:

  • Bulk order  = minimum of 10pcs consolidated order of Pin My Travels, Sip 'n Stash, World Map Puzzle and Make Waves Ring
    • Ex. 3pcs Pin My Travels + 7pcs Sip 'n Stash
  • Yes, you can mix designs/ colors! Let's make it fun :) 
  • Fill-up our FORM so we can get your  order details.
  • Give us 2 days to compute the maximum discount we can give. Discount starts at 10%.
  • Quotation will be sent to your email.
  • We'll be processing orders that are paid by October 15. Payment must be deposited to our BPI bank account.  
  • Delivery period: November 15 to December 7


Corporate Orders

  • Sip 'n Stash with custom logo - minimum of 50pcs
  • We can also design an exclusive Pin My Travels design for your company
  • Lead time to process orders is 1.5 months


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