Zero Waste Tote


We found THE ONE! This tote finally made us consistently bring a reusable bag whether traveling or just in our everyday work routine.

Reasons why we love this tote:

- It can carry way more items versus an ordinary canvas eco bag! Canvas bag: 6kg versus Zero Waste Tote: 10kg. Watch the video

- It's organic cotton

- Super compact when rolled and expands to fit loads. Our fave feature!

- It has a LONG strap (11in). You can use it as a shoulder bag or simply knot it to have a shorter handle

- The strap is WIDER and more durable than the usual net bags available online

- Pretty and versatile. Take this in the farmer's market, your next beach trip or even to your yoga class

- No need for a gift tag! Has a "To and From" portion on the band