PH Map - Classic

Vintage inspired Philippine pinboard map.

- Printed on high quality canvas with a cork board underneath for easy pinning

  • Secured with a plywood and 1 inch-thick back framing
  • Totally ready to hang
  • Labeled per province
  • FREE 1 pack of map pins (50 pins, assorted)
  • Gift ready! Will be delivered in a cute kraft box that you can reuse to store your travel memorabilia. It also has a printed gift tag.
  • Plastic free packaging! We use shredded office papers instead of bubble wrap
  • For additional pins, go to Map Pins page


P.S. Please reuse our packaging. Let's love the world a little more :)

- Put the custom text on "Add note to this order"

- Ideal number of characters for 15x20in: 15 (including spaces)


First Use: 

  • Use warm/ boiling water with dish washing liquid. Shake and leave solution for 30 minutes. 

After using with drinks:

  • Best to rinse the product after you used it with coffee or other drinks with strong smell.
  • In case you weren't able to wash the container right away, you may use lemon water mixture to remove the smell. You can leave overnight for thorough cleaning. 

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