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World Map- Custom Colors

We're all about making your dream Pin My Travels, and what better way to do that than to collab with YOU! 

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STEP 1: Choose a color for background

STEP 2: Choose a color for the continents
    • Same instructions as step 1
    • For best results, the colors that you will choose for the background and continents must be contrasting (1 dark and 1 light) or monochramatic (just different shades). Muted colors work best for our design. 
    • Use a PC/ laptop to see the colors accurately


    STEP 3: Add a custom text

    • Name/ Quote / Legend 
    • Default text: WORLD TRAVELS

    IMPT: We'll send to your email the draft of the design you've made after 2-3 days (excluding weekends). If needed, we'll also make our suggested shades.We will only be allotting 1 revision per design

    Kindly make sure on the week you will order, you have internet access to view the designs. If you fail to give your comment within 2 days after we have sent the draft design/s, there's a chance that the delivery of the finished product will be moved to another week. 

    • - Printed on high quality canvas with a cork board underneath for easy pinning

      - Secured with a plywood and 1 inch-thick back framing

      - Totally ready to hang

      - Labeled per country and state (US and Canada). For 2x3 ft includes major cities

      - FREE 1 pack of map pins (50 pins, assorted)

      - Gift ready! Will be delivered in a cute kraft box that you can reuse to store your travel memorabilia. It also has a printed gift tag.

      - Plastic free packaging! We use shredded office papers instead of bubble wrap

      * For additional pins, go to Map Pins page


      P.S. Please reuse our packaging. Let's love the world a little more :)


    We believe that a great product that will be a witness to your years of adventure, needs a design that can surpass trends and is laid out over materials that will stand the test of time (no paper tears here!). We have obsessed in finding the right partners to make Pin My Travels the product that we have envisioned it to be: a pinboard map that has a design and construction of an artwork.

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