Double Edged Safety Razor


Only 3 pieces in stock!

 Say goodbye to disposable razors and those pesky hair that get stuck in between the blades! Both men and women can achieve a close shave (from head to toe) with this durable double edged safety razor. 



- Unlike other razors we tested, this one did not rust! Made from anti-corrosion metal-  zinc alloy with chrome electroplated finish

- Has a good weight to it (65g). No need to put a lot of pressure in shaving.

- Easy to clean and to replace the blade with butterfly opening (twist the bottom part)

- Microcomb to avoid nicks and cuts

- Anti-slip handle

- Length: 9.5cm

- FREE 5 platinum blades



- Clean the blade after EVERY use.

- Twist the bottom part to open, and just run water on the blade.

-Pat to dry.



Must store in a DRY place after every use. This is super important to maintain the quality of your razor. Hope you won't be lazy about it ;)