Reuse: World Map-Kids ELAIZA (Personalized)

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Let's get kids excited to learn in their most interesting classroom, the world! This Pin My Travels features animals, landmarks and other cultural representations that will make learning fun and easier for kids. This will be an ideal addition to your homeschool essentials.

  • This stock was formerly used as a sample in bazaars to show our personalized option for World Map-Kids
  • With visible pinholes up close (mostly on the upper right)
  • With minor dents
  • Printed on high quality canvas with a cork board underneath for easy pinning
  • Secured with a plywood and 1 inch-thick back framing

  • 15x20in- View in your space (AR)
  • Ready to hang
  • FREE 1 pack of map pins (50 pins, assorted)
  • Plus Php 100 shipping nationwide
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